12 septembrie 2013

About change.

Change is a natural part of life. Nature changes daily, monthly. It is never the same, and neither are humans. Every you, every me, every us change daily. We change ideas so quickly, we change haircuts, clothes, shoes; we change lifestyles, we always try to change people we love, we always try to change bad and turn it into good.

We are changeable, life is about change. However, the idea of change is rejected by us. Why?

Big changes scare us. Because when one of that comes along, our lives as we know them will never be the same. And we cannot turn back. We have to live with the change that turns us backwards; and we try to make it go away. Even if is not in our power to control it, we have a hard time accepting that there are moments when everything changes. There are moments when you just know nothing is ever going to be the same. There are moments when you have to leave certain things in the past. And you do not want to do that. 
You refuse it. But it is already over, you know.

People are not afraid of the change itself. They are afraid of what it may bring along with it. Is the fear of unknown that is pushing us to resist change so badly? The human is a weak creature indeed. He fights unknown territory with all of his force, because he is sure it will be bad, but he never thinks unknown can actually mean rise from the misery. Change is good; people are bad at taking it that is all.

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