18 decembrie 2013

Defining love.

Love? Oh, where could I begin to describe it? 

Love, love , who could tell exactly what it is?

Now, I am involved with love at so many levels. Still, for me, the L word is still so fresh, and young, and rough. That`s why I could not define love yet. As far as I know, love is warm and silent and it smiles all the time.
I cannot give a complete definiton of love, because I risk of being completely subjective.
I am going to say a few words though.

I see love as a feeling that comes an stay. A feeling of completion, of warmness and peacefullness that I have been looking for so long. For me, love is when you know you stopped searching for a surrogate to replace it, and you finally found what you wanted.

Love is when you have that person that can make you laugh so hard, that you have to catch your breath from time to time, and still carry the deepest conversations with. That person that makes you smile every time. Even when you fight, even when you are upset. Whenever.

But love ain`t just honey and milk, it can get confusing and foggy and sadly, it can eventually tear you apart. Coming from our incapability to understand love, we end up hating it. Do not hate love! It`s in its nature to be bittersweet. I like it to call a double faced woman with attachament issues. Love may fight, scream and cry at some point, but only because it feels unwanted and under-appreciated. Take it as it is! Cheerish it, and it will cheerish you.

Still, after all that has been said, nobody has ever succeeded in truly defining love. Some people are lucky enough to feel a tiny part of it. I think I may be one of those people.

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